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Welcome to Giżycko

Masurian Lake District - New7Wonders of Nature



Welcome to Giżycko - the heart of the Land of the Great Mazurian Lakes


Giżycko is the largest town on the trail of the Great Mazurian Lakes. It is situated on a narrow pass between lakes Niegocin and Kisajno, in one of the most attractive regions of Poland, and perhaps Europe, as well.


ul. Pionierska, fot. UM Giżycko Statek Żeglugi Mazurskiej, fot. Krzysztok Butkiewicz fot. Marcin Olszewski Las Miejski w deszczu, fot. Grafster.pl Las Miejski, fot. Grafster.pl Oldtimery w Giżycku, fot. Marcin Olszewski Oldtimery w Giżycku, fot. Marcin Olszewski Mewa na molo, fot. Grafster.pl Widok z Wieży Ciśnien, fot. UM Giżycko JazzClubGaleria (dawna Piekarnia Regelskiego), fot. UM Giżycko Kościół Ewangelicki w Giżycku, fot. UM Giżycko Port, fot. Grafster.pl Statek Żeglugi Mazurskiej, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Most Obrotowy - otwarty, fot. Grafster.pl Las Miejski, fot. Grafster.pl Zachód, fot. D.Żuchowski Port z lotu ptaka, fot. UM Giżycko Twierdza Boyen, fot. UM Giżycko


Giżycko is truly part of “the land of a thousand lakes”, whose greatest attraction is nature. There are over 100 lakes around Giżycko. They surround it on all sides: Lake Niegocin (seventh largest in Poland with 26 km2) in the south, Lake Mamry (second largest in Poland with 104.5 km2 and up to 43.8 m deep) in the north, Lake Tajty in the west, and Lakes Wojnowskie and Grajewko. Niegocin and Kisajno (comprising Lake Mamry) are connected with two canals. The Łuczański (Giżycki) Canal, 2.13 km long and 1.9 m deep, dug in 1772 as the first of the eight canals connecting the Great Mazurian Lakes, runs through the very town. The Wilkaski Canal passes the town in the south-west, connecting Lakes Niegocin and Tajty with Lake Mamry. For this reason, a part of Giżycko is, in fact, an island. Within the town limits, there are also Lakes Popówka Mała and Popówka Duża.


The town at Lake Niegocin is the centre of water tourism and iceboating. The extensive water surface and flat banks provide excellent conditions for sailing. The lakes are full of white and multi-coloured sails, yachts, kayaks, water-cycles, and numerous windsurfers. Frequent sailing events and races are organised in the summer, and iceboating competitions in the winter. The town is a water trail hub. From here, one can set off to the south through Mikołajki to Ruciane-Nida and to the north to Węgorzewo. There are numerous marinas and white fleet ports on lake banks. Individual tourists and groups can board any of the Mazurian Fleet and privately-owned pleasure cruisers.


Regaty katamaranów, fot. CPiIT  Orkiestra Dni Naszych - Szanty 2003 r. fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Regaty na jez. Niegocin, fot. Marcin Olszewski Oldtimery w Giżycku, fot. Marcin Olszewski Kajakiem wokoło Giżycka, fot. Marcin Olszewski Plaża Miejska w Giżycku, fot. CPiIT Oldtimery w Giżycku, fot. Marcin Olszewski Jesienny żagiel, fot. Grafster.pl Płetwonurkowie, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Plaża Miejska w Giżycku, fot. UM Giżycko Regaty na jez. Niegocin, fot. Marcin Olszewski Przejażdżki konne, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Taniec ognia, fot. UM Giżycko Wędkarze, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Galindowie, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Regaty, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Bocian, fot. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Wieża ciśnień, fot. UM Giżycko


Giżycko is one of Poland’s largest holiday and tourist resorts, and thanks to its popularity among tourists, it has been dubbed “the summer capital of Poland.” Guest are awaited by the many restaurants and cafes, accommodation suited to every budget with hotels, guesthouses, holiday centres, campsites and holiday houses as well as a rich infrastructure for sports and leisure.


The appealing natural surroundings provide an ideal base for all forms of active recreation, and particularly cycling and canoeing, walking, excursions, jogging, horse riding, mushroom picking and fishing. What is definitely a unique attraction are the beavers residing in Borecki Forest. One can meet them eye to eye at the exhibition enclosure in Wolisko.


Only in Giżycko can you get the real taste of Mazuria!!

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